Sometime close to 40 years ago our founding father Don Stevens the 1st (and only hopefully) started his assault on the SCUBA industry. Working for Joe Christie at Undersea Enterprises in Portsmouth he was able to sharpen his skills as an instructor, technician, store manager and diving guru. Realizing that the sea was big enough for one more store Don decided to start Atlantic Aquasport in 1972. Our first home (for you history buffs) was located where the Hungry Horse cafe stands today. Apparently things were not as busy as Don would have liked so he had time to have his first child, Angela. Realizing that the Hungry Horse location was not big enough for SCUBA and Daycare, Don packed up shop and headed to our present location 522 Sagamore Road in 1975. Apparently whenever he gets a new building he likes to have a new child and thus Ericka was born. His wife Linda has assured me that he will not be getting any new buildings!

Since the business was getting going, Don's wife Linda ran the store and Don continued working days for Normandeau Associates. Around 1978 Don decided that he would go full time at the store and work with Linda to try and build up the business. Around 1985 she could not take any more of his bad jokes and decided that she would work someplace else (I don't blame don't know how bad those jokes are...ask Ericka).

Now that Don had the business booming he decided he was tired of driving to Portsmouth to teach classes so he put in a pool here. That was around 1990. In 1995 he realized it was not big enough to skate on in the winter so he covered it and taught classes year round.

That pretty much brings us up to the present day where little Ericka is now all grown up and running the important part of the business and Don is out socializing with all the divers and teaching people all kinds of things on a regular basis.

Having been an employee of AAS for a little while now it never ceases to amaze me how people walk in the door and become customers for life. Because of the quality of people here and the knowledge that is openly shared everyday our customers and students have a greater appreciation and enjoyment for diving.

While a web site is nice to tell folks where you are located and what time high tide is at, the strength of our business is in the people that work here. So if you have a question, want to take a class, need a dive buddy or just want to hang out by the wood stove pet the dogs and talk about the really big lobster you saw. Please stop in...we'd love to see you.