One of the reasons that Atlantic Aquasport is New England's premier dive shop is because our facility offers everything the diver needs.

Full Time Instructors

With a full time instructional staff, not only will you learn something new every time you come into the store, we also can teach according to your schedule. That's right we teach only private lessons here so we can work around your schedule. Come see what a difference one-on-one training can make. Honestly, how much care/time do you think you would get with 10 other divers in your class?


On top of having a full time instructional staff we also have a full "salt" water pool right on the premises. This allows us to teach students privately and around their schedule. Having a pool on site also offers us the ability to do scuba update classes (for free!) and have people jump in and try out new equipment that they may not be sure of. The pool is open to any diver, student or certified.


All courses taught by Atlantic Aquasport are done in our classroom. With TV's and whiteboards we are able to not only teach the students but also use today's top instructional methods. Plus if you chew gum we won't make you take it out and put it on your nose. :)

Air Station

Need some air? We've got it right here. We can fill scuba tanks up to 3500 psi as well as do Nitrox and other mixed gasses. Tired of getting a semi-fill? When you bring your tanks here we fill them in cold water and do it nice and slow to keep the fill pressure more accurate. Now when you get to the water your dive won't be cut short because of less air then you expected.


See something you like? Grab it and try it on. In fact go ahead and jump in the pool with it and make sure it works for you. We sell only top-of-the-line equipment and we are more then willing to let you try it out. Don't see something you are looking for? Let us know, we can order it and usually get it in a couple of days.

Repair Center

Regulator breathing hard? Got a little hiss? Bring it in and let us service it. We are a full repair service facility. That's right we do it right here. Also we can make minor tweaks while you wait if you just can't leave your equipment. The winter is a good time to get your gear serviced so you don't have to wait when spring comes around.

Cylinder Inspections

Once a year you should have your tank, valve and o-rings checked. We can do this the same day you drop it off. With our inspection station we can also run eddy current tests to check the neck of you cylinders.

Fun Attitude

That's right folks...we teach/preach fun diving. It's not about depth or how many tanks you can carry, it's about having fun and enjoying diving. Don't get me wrong, we have the experience to talk about all facets of diving but we want you to remember you started diving for fun right? Well we do everything we can to keep it that way.