What Happened to Tip Of The Week?

Okay so I admit I have not really been living up to my "Tip Of The Week" job. The problem is not that I don't have any tips for you it's that I don't have any time to write them.

As usual we at Atlantic Aquasport believe in not only telling our customers all the information we can but also in putting it in a format that everyone can understand. Don't get me wrong I am not whining but I am very busy. While I fully understand that diving tips are great they are in no way a substitute for actually diving. So needless to say if I have the chance to write a dive tip or take a group of people out diving, well that's a no brainer!

So really this week's tip is my apology for not keeping up with my job. Please do check back periodically because we are adding events all the time. I promise this winter I will stock up on weekly tips and next summer you'll get the full assault.

Thanks for your patience and keep diving, it's the season!


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