Why Skills Updates Are Important

First thanks for your patience on tip of the week which turned into tip of the month which is slowly turning into tip of the year. What can I say, I've been busy, more of you are coming in to dive so that takes up my time. I would much rather converse by hand signals with you underwater then to send you an email if you know what I mean!

So...It's getting to be that time of year again when we all get a little antsy and excited about the dive season. There are some of us who will venture into the 40 degree water on a warm sunny day in May and there are some of us who did it once and learned our lesson. :-)

So this month's tip is about skills updates. Let's be honest most of us have not been in the ocean since last October. Maybe you were lucky to sneak away this year and get some diving in down in the Carribean but let's face it the water up here is just a bit chillier and so we need more gear on.

Now I'm not telling you folks anything you don't already know but what I am going to mention is before you hike all the gear to the beach put it on and dive into the North Atlantic for the first time why not check a few things out.

  1. Does my suit still fit me? Chances are you probably stayed in pretty good shape last winter shoveling every two days :-( But non-the-less you have to try on your suit and make sure you are still as svelte as you used to be. For some reason as we all get older we all seem to get bigger, I guess that's how Jenny Craig stays in business.
  2. Is my tank up to snuff? Come in and let us check it out and make sure you didn't get any rust or aluminum oxide growing in there over the winter, you put it away with a little air in it right? Let us make sure there is no leaks in the valves, besides I'm sure it's time to change your oring.
  3. My Reg? I have not had it serviced in 2 years but it's fine... Why not let us put it on our flow bench and take a look. We can test for things you can't necessarily hear. Just because you don't hear a leak doesn't mean there isn't one. It's a good thing to check out and maybe even replce that old chewed up mouthpeice (ewwww).
  4. Do I still got it? I bet you do but why not come work the rust off in the pool that way you don't have to wreck the first dive of the season getting your breathing back down or your weights adjusted or practicing neutral buoyancy. Get it all out of the way so you can enjoy your first and the rest of your dives.

Well that's it for now I hope to see you all soon as the season approaches rapidly.
Take care and stay warm and wet!

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